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Smackers Smack Me Hard (Hot) BBQ Sauce 18 oz.


Most BBQ seasonings have about the same six ingredients so they look, smell, and taste alike.  Smackers has eleven ingredients for the best tasting BBQ ever.

Try This Simple Taste Test:

Spread  the other brands out.  Look at them.  Smell them.  Now taste them.  Look, smell and taste alike?  Now, open a bottle of Smackers (if you already have it).  Look at the “all natural” ingredients closely.  No MSG in Smackers.  Smell the aroma of the “symphony of flavors” that will make your mouth water for more.  Taste all the others and compare them against Smackers.  There’s nothing else like it.  You’ll love the sweet and spicy taste combined with natural fruit and smoke flavor. Of course there are other ingredients!  But, do you really think we're going to tell you everything? 

This rub was awarded the 1st Place "Award of Excellence" in the All Purpose Rub and Seasoning category by the National BBQ Association.

This is one seasoning you can use year-round.  Don't have a grill?  Try it on your favorite foods cooked on an indoor electric grill or in the oven.